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Audrey Wasik

Audrey is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, school of Physical Therapy. While attending college she became a member of Mortar Board, a national honor society. After graduation she was staff therapist at the State Veterans’ Home, a private practitioner and co-director of a physical therapy department for many years.

For seven years, Audrey served as Commissioner of Long Term Care. Appointed by the Governor in 1983, Audrey chaired the CT Commission on Long Term Care, a body of state commissioners of nine state health and human service agencies which directed the development of state policies on long term care. Audrey was responsible for all activities of the agency, including negotiating consensus among various agency heads. She created a liaison with local, state and national health care associations. Her other responsibilities included monitoring implementation of new state policy goals, resolving member agencies’ conflicts, preparing commission budgets and analysis of regulations and statutes.

Audrey also developed agency legislation and presented the Commission’s position to the General Assembly. She interfaced with congressional offices and the Governor’s Washington Office on pending federal matters. In her position as Commissioner, she served as a member of the Governor’s cabinet on human services.

Audrey later began lobbying in CT and joined Evans & Associates in 1995, where she specializes in health, human service, and child care issues.