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T. Michael Morrissey

Mike has extensive experience as a top executive officer with one of Connecticut’s leading private energy companies and holds a Bachelor of Administration degree from the University of New Hampshire. In his Executive position, he also has worked very closely with Connecticut’s Legislature and has championed the passage of numerous laws benefiting both the energy business community and the customers they serve.

In addition to legislative activities, Mike has also worked closely with the Department of Consumer Protection, Office of Policy and Management, The Attorney General’s Office and Department of Occupational Licensing. Mike has provided numerous television interviews on matters pertaining to energy and public safety. Locally, Mike worked closely with the Bureau of Public Safety in developing new regulatory and safety guidelines for the propane gas and natural gas industries and is the recipient of a National Safety Award from the National Propane Gas Association.

Mike currently serves as the State Director to the National Propane Gas Association representing all local members of this National Association, is currently the Chairman of the Connecticut Propane Coalition, and also is the Chairman of the Transportation and Supply Committee for the New England Propane Gas Association and actively serves as a Board Member of this Association and is a former board member to the New England Propane Education Research Council Foundation and former Secretary to the Local Emergency Planning Committee in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Mike joined Evans & Associates in 2007.