Evans & Associates strives to honor the following Professional Lobbyist Code of Conduct in all of its lobbying efforts. David Evans, CEO participated in the revision and adoption of the following code in Connecticut.

Professional Lobbyist Code of Conduct

  • The professional lobbyist accepts the fact that it is our constitutional system of representative government that creates the right to lobby and, while keeping the interest of the employer or client in a position of primacy, will temper the advocacy role with proper consideration for the general public interest.
  • The professional lobbyist will protect confidences, not only those of the employer or client but also those of elected and appointed officials of government and professional colleagues.
  • The professional lobbyist will always deal in accurate, current and factual information, whether it is being reported to the employer or client, government officials, the media or professional colleagues, and will not engage in misrepresentation of any nature.
  • The professional lobbyist will acquire enough knowledge of public policy issues to be able to fairly present all points of view.
  • The professional lobbyist will avoid conflicts of interest, not only conflict with the interests of the employer or client, but also those of colleagues pursuing the same or similar objectives, and where conflict is unavoidable will communicate the facts fully and freely to those affected.
  • The professional lobbyist will comply with the laws and regulations government lobbying as well as the standards of the conduct applying to officials and staff of the General Assembly and the Executive Branch and will strive to go one step further and function in a manner that goes beyond these official enactments and promulgations.
  • The personal conduct of the professional lobbyist should not bring discredit to the profession, government or individual colleagues.
  • The professional lobbyist will refrain from any form of discrimination which is legally proscribed or simply generally recognized as such.
  • A priority goal of the professional lobbyist should be to increase public understanding of the process and this objective should be pursued in every possible way – public appearances, media contacts, articles in company and other publications and contacts in the normal course of everyday life.
  • The professional lobbyist should constantly strive to upgrade the necessary skills by every means available, continuing formal education, attendance at meetings and seminars and participation in ad hoc groups with like-minded colleagues.

Endorsed by The American League of Lobbyists and The Association of Connecticut Lobbyists